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Dot Peen Marking Machine

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Dot Peen marking or engraving is a process that allows manufacturers to make deep, permanent impressions in a variety of materials for identification and traceability.

When programmed, Dot Peen can permanently mark human- or machine-readable information such as:

  • Date/time stamping
  • Part serialization
  • Logos
  • 2D Data Matrix bar code
  • Operator identification



  • Controller- High Speed Automatic Display Controller with Interface
  • Software- IMSCAD
  • Manufactured with genuine components like FESTO/SMC Pneumatics and IP65
  • Norms
  • Machine Manufactured with CE/ISI Certified Components

Laser sources

  • Type – Pulsed Ytterbium fibre lasers (Yb): 20W / 30W / 50W, several pulse frequency ranges, wavelength 1064 nm
  • Laser class – 4 (according to IEC 60825-1)


    • Electrical Requirement- 220V
  • Power Consumption- 132V

Marking features

  • Marking Area- 100×100 mm – 300x200mm
  • Marking Depth- 0.1 – 0.5 
  • Indenter Hardness- HRC 98
  • Working Height Z-Axis – 450 mm(manual) 

Dot Density – 200-300 Dots per Inch

Marking Area for every Industrial Need – 100X100mm / 120X110mm / 140X120mm / 300X200mm

Our MARKUS series available with Intender Pins of HRC 95 for multiple marking application ofsizes- 2mm/3mm/4mm

Standard Series- 7″ Resistive Touch Screen LCD PRO Series- 10″ Capacitive Touch LCD with IO Features

Infused IMS CAD Software is Capable to access – .plt files for logos, design along with inbuilt features of marking Serial No., date code, Part Code etc.

Machine Available with Z-axis height of 350mm (Motorised option available with Pro Series)

Our Marking controllers are designed to work with auto feedback function integrated with various fixture, machine, processto work on-line.

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Never again mechanically adjust part positioning at the last minute. Our laser markers are equipped with everything you need to be in focus all the time.

  • Our 2D heads have a depth of focus of 6 mm— the highest standard for 2D heads.
  • For deeper variations, our 3D heads add a large focusing range.
  • If parts are positioned randomly in the marking area, our 3D autofocus system adds up to 3 axes of compensation to automatically adjust the marking configuration for each part.
  • If moving parts need to be marked on the fly, you just need to provide an encoder signal.


Our lasers generate the lowest maintenance you can get from laser technology. Not only do they rely on a non-contact marking process without consumables, but all our laser heads are certified IP67. In addition, the laser source installed in our solid-state fiber lasers can continuously operate for 100,000 hours—which represents more than 10 years.


Save time during the engineering and commissioning of your laser marking machines. Laserax can deliver preconfigured peripherals, including a barcode reader, an air knife to protect the lens and more. We also offer a Class-1 laser safety certification service to help you design marking solutions that protect workers from laser emissions.


Designed to meet today’s throughput requirements and AIM DPM specifications, our systems consistently generate high-contrast 2D codes, even in high-speed production lines. To meet strict traceability requirements, they can also engrave direct part markings that remain readable through shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating and heat treating.


Whenever you need help, contact us and get real-time remote support through our secure platform. Our experts will be able to take control of the laser if needed and troubleshoot your issues.

A little Glance at our Work

Stand Alone

Very well applicable on almost any 3-dimensional deformable material. Extremely low noise marking process with highly attractive print image. Well suited for slightly curved surfaces. Minimal force onto work piece.


Handheld laser marking machine is the industry’s most complete held fiber laser marking and engraving system. The standard configuration of the handheld laser marking machine allows for many different options to meet any production need.

Robot integrable

The robotic Laser Marking System is a ground-breaking technology that allows for marking hundreds of unique part types with no unique fixturing required. The system is compact in size and eliminates fixtures, saving on overall project costs and floor space, while it’s unique design allows you to scale the system to fit your marking needs.


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