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Dot Peen marking or engraving is a process that allows manufacturers to make deep, permanent impressions in a variety of materials for identification and traceability.

When programmed, Dot Peen can permanently mark human- or machine-readable information such as:

  • Date/time stamping
  • Part serialization
  • Logos
  • 2D Data Matrix bar code
  • Operator identification
Screen Desktop Touch Screen Touch Screen
Marking Area 100 x 100 100 x 100 150 x 100
Marking Type Plain / Arc
Controller High speed Automation Display Controller with Interface

Stand Alone

Very well applicable on almost any 3-dimensional deformable material. Extremely low noise marking process with highly attractive print image. Well suited for slightly curved surfaces. Minimal force onto work piece.


Handheld laser marking machine is the industry’s most complete held fiber laser marking and engraving system. The standard configuration of the handheld laser marking machine allows for many different options to meet any production need.

Robot integrable

The robotic Laser Marking System is a ground-breaking technology that allows for marking hundreds of unique part types with no unique fixturing required. The system is compact in size and eliminates fixtures, saving on overall project costs and floor space, while it’s unique design allows you to scale the system to fit your marking needs.