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Laser marking is a permanent process that uses a beam of concentrated light to create a lasting mark on a surface.

Laser marking can be automated and processed at high speeds, while leaving permanent traceability marks on a range of materials, including steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, ceramic, glass, etc

ALPHA Power 20 W 30 W 50 W
Wavelength 1064 Nm
Laser Source Ytterbium Fiber Laser
Beam Quality M^2 < 2
Marking Type Original Font, User Font, Variable Text, Date, Time, Sr. No. Bar Code, 2d Data Matrix,

Logo, Image (. Jpg, Bmp. Plt), Dxf, Tif Can be Marked

Fiber Marking

A fiber laser, on the other hand, operates at 1070NM, delivering significantly higher power to mark harder materials, such as metal.

UV Laser Marking

UV laser marker comes from its wavelength being in the ultraviolet portion of the light spectrum.

Co2 Marking

CO2 laser Marking machines are gas lasers marking machines that are based on carbon dioxide gas mixture. CO2 laser Marking machines are mainly used/suited for working on non-metallic materials and on most plastics.