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Mould Welding Machine comes advanced in the world market and allows users to repair large moulds and tools with high level of quality. The cost of repairing the mould will always be cheaper than replacing it. The problem is the performance of refurbished mould in the future. Will it produce parts of equal quality to the original? How long will it last before it needs to be repaired again or needs to be discarded? The most common practice for rebuilding worn cavity surfaces is with TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding. However, plastics, Aluminum and zamak processors have found that the alternative, Mould Welding Machine, provides a superior result with less damage to the base material, so the mould produces better quality parts and the mould lasts significantly longer.

Laser Deposition Welding System (Laser Mould Welding Machine), designed specifically for the mold industry, and is used in the repair of precision molds, such as digital products, mobile phones, toys, automobiles, motorcycles and other industries. By repairing the mold, the original mold can be used to the fullest, and the production cost can be greatly saved and the working efficiency is improved. This technique can be applied to modify the mould size or design, shorten the product development cycle.

Our Specifications


  • → Licenced PC CAD Mark software

  • → Communication – PLC / Serial Comm. RS232/ Special Software (OPTIONAL)

Laser sources

  • Type – Pulsed Ytterbium fibre lasers (TQ): 200/400W ,  several pulse frequency ranges, wavelength 1064 nm


  • Electrical requirements – L/N/PE 240VAC to 380V, 50Hz
  • Power consumption – 15KW
  • IP rating → Marking unit IP54
  • Cooling Technology – 3P water cooling
  • Humidity – 5 – 75 %, non-condensing

MOULD features

  • WELDING DEPTH- 0.1-2.5MM


In general, the Mould Welding Machine for mould repair is represented by a fusion welding process, where the association of the parts takes place through the heat generated by the laser beam, this process results in the minimization of the risks of degradation of the part, ensuring an extremely efficient service.

  •  The main advantage of using the Mould Welding Machine for mould repair is that the laser generates low heat in the welded area due to its concentrated heat point, minimizing the risk of deformities in other areas of the part. This high precision also offers another advantage, which is the ease of welding in hard-to-reach spots, especially when dealing with thin or small, small, polished or textured parts. 
  •         It is designed specifically for the mold industry, German technology and adopts unique frame design, suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small mold repair. 
  •         It has ceramic light-gathering cavity, anticorrosion, heat resistance, chamber (8-10 years life), more than 8 million times the life of xenon lamp 
      • Laser head can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The path is clear, electric lift up and down, driving back and forth, especially suitable for all kinds of big, medium and small mould repair.

      •  Using the world’s most advanced automatic shading system, it eliminates eye stimulation at work. 
      •         Parameter setting adopts intelligent remote control, simple and fast operation. 
    •         The 3D workbench can have electric crane.

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Never again mechanically adjust part positioning at the last minute. Our laser markers are equipped with everything you need to be in focus all the time.

  • Our 2D heads have a depth of focus of 6 mm— the highest standard for 2D heads.
  • For deeper variations, our 3D heads add a large focusing range.
  • If parts are positioned randomly in the marking area, our 3D autofocus system adds up to 3 axes of compensation to automatically adjust the marking configuration for each part.
  • If moving parts need to be marked on the fly, you just need to provide an encoder signal.


Our lasers generate the lowest maintenance you can get from laser technology. Not only do they rely on a non-contact marking process without consumables, but all our laser heads are certified IP67. In addition, the laser source installed in our solid-state fiber lasers can continuously operate for 100,000 hours—which represents more than 10 years.


Save time during the engineering and commissioning of your laser marking machines. Laserax can deliver preconfigured peripherals, including a barcode reader, an air knife to protect the lens and more. We also offer a Class-1 laser safety certification service to help you design marking solutions that protect workers from laser emissions.


Designed to meet today’s throughput requirements and AIM DPM specifications, our systems consistently generate high-contrast 2D codes, even in high-speed production lines. To meet strict traceability requirements, they can also engrave direct part markings that remain readable through shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating and heat treating.


Whenever you need help, contact us and get real-time remote support through our secure platform. Our experts will be able to take control of the laser if needed and troubleshoot your issues.

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Infused Systems envision creating a benchmark in the marking industry with its commitment to quality and constant endeavor to provide the best service to our clients. Our vision is to set new standards and innovate products backed by intense research and development.

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Our mission is to provide the state of the art marking machinery with an assurance of quality and consistency. We aspire to nurture long-term relationships with our clients. We intend to meet all the international and standard parameters with our contemporary marking equipment and machinery.

Our Infrastructure

Infused Systems is one of its kinds of marking manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi. We are known for our quality products and contemporary machinery. Our products are superior in quality and meet all the regulatory standards. Moreover, what gives us a distinct edge over our contemporaries is our infrastructure and technical expertise. Our premises are well-equipped

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A company with enormous amount of possibilities as they have strong commitment towards manufacturing the best and numbers of products in the market. The best part is the customisation they provide in accordance with the customer and excellent after sales services.

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If you're passionate about something and you work hard, that machine shows the outcome. High quality of machine at budget-friendly prices. I'm happy with my 1st purchase and willing to grab more amazing deals with this company in future.

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