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Robots have revolutionized the manufacturing processes; they have added ease and organization to the units. Robots have enabled one to perform an array of tasks with minimum effort. Moreover, the precision achieved with the aid of robots is par excellence.

Pick and Place robotic arms are widely used in pick and place stations in manufacturing units to handle an array of tasks. The Pick and Place robotic arm is an articulated robotic arm with a trunk, joint, upper arm, forearm, and wrist.

The Pick and Place robotic arm is extremely versatile and is used to execute multiple manufacturing and packing applications.

Infused Systems is one of the best technologically driven companies. We have considerable experience in providing modern-day manufacturing solutions. Our marking systems, and Pick and Place robotic arms are made with superior precision. They are advanced, user-friendly, and simple to operate. The Pick and Place Robotic Arms can be used at various stages in a manufacturing unit to perform various tasks. At Infused Systems, we believe in investing in technology and technologically-driven tools. All our products are manufactured with efficacy and perfection. Our Pick and Place Robotic Arms are a sheer example of our technological superiority and attention to detail.

Our Specifications


  • WEIGHT – 2KG TO 80 KG
  • LENGTH – 200MM TO 1000MM

Marking features

  • 2 AXIS , 3 AXIS ,6 AXIS

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About us

Gantry Type Robot

A Gantry Robot consists of a manipulator mounted on an overhead system that allows movement across a horizontal plane. Gantry Robots are also called Cartesian or linear robots. They are usually large systems that perform pick and place applications, but they can also be used in welding and other applications.



Pick and place automation speeds up the process of picking up parts or items and placing them in other locations. Hence, increase your production rate. Pick and Place Robotic Arm from Infused Systems can handle repetitive tasks while freeing up your human workforce to focus on more complex work.

  • Completely Customizable
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Ergononomic Injury Reduction
  • Flexibility to Accommodate Multiple
  • Product Changes
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Improved Consistency
  • Increased Process Speed
  • Minimal Floor Space Requirements


    Infused Systems comprehend the maintenance limitations and costs associated with them. Therefore, our Pick and Place Robotic Arms are strategically priced and built. The high cost of these arms is low when you choose the Infused Systems Pick and Place Robotic Arm. Our Pick and Place Robotic Arms are certified as per the industry standards. They can continuously operate for 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to more than 10 years without any failures.


    Infused Systems envisions saving time during the engineering and commissioning of our Pick and Place Robotic Arms. Our Pick and Place Robotic Arms systems come with preconfigured peripherals for you, and we have a perfect combination of manipulator, end effector, and actuators. Moreover, it saves time during the engineering and commissioning of your Pick and Place Robotic Arm. We constantly make efforts to refine our Pick and Place Robotic Arm to achieve the highest level of safety and meet the expectations of our clients.


    Well, our Pick and Place Robotic Arm is in synchronization with the modern upgrades and innovations in the field. The most common type of pick and place robot is the robotic arm type, which typically comes as 5-axis robots for standard pick and place application in plane or 6-axis robots for more complex applications where the products needs twisting from the horizontal. To know more about our Pick and Place Robotic Arm, connect with our team now!


    Whenever you need help, contact us and get real-time remote support through our secure platform. Our experts will be able to take control of the Pick and Place Robotic Arm if required and troubleshoot your issues.

    How our design structure works

    Our vision

    Infused Systems envision creating a benchmark in the Pick and Place Robotic Arm industry with its commitment to quality and constant endeavor to provide the best service to our clients. Our vision is to set new standards and innovate products backed by intense research and development.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide the state-of-the-art Pick and Place Robotics Arm with the assurance of quality and consistency. We aspire to nurture long-term relationships with our clients. We intend to meet all the international and highest standards with our contemporary Pick and Place Robotic Arm.

    Our Infrastructure

    Infused Systems is one of the very few Pick and Place Robotic Arm manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi. We are known for our quality products and contemporary machinery. Our products are superior in quality and meet all the regulatory standards. with state-of-the-art technology used throughout.

    A little Glance at our Work

    Here is a glimpse of our Pick and Place Robotic Arm in action.  


    Our Clients Say About Us

    A company with an enormous amount of possibilities as they have a strong commitment towards manufacturing the best and a number of products in the market. The best part is the customization they provide in accordance with the customer and excellent after-sales service.

    Rahul Jay Singh

    If you're passionate about something and you work hard, that machine shows the outcome. High quality of machine at budget-friendly prices. I'm happy with my 1st purchase and willing to grab more amazing deals with this company in future.

    Himanshu Lodhi
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