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Marking machines

We manufacture / Supply all marking systems whether permanent or temporary. Markings for branding and trace-ability is very important in this competitive industry, you can add brand value to products / trace better what you produce, We offer marking systems for METAL and NON METAL Markings, Get in touch to know what suits better for your products !!

Industry 4.0 systems

Optimize manufacturing processes by converting your conventional factory into SMART FACTORY, With our Integrated IT Systems you can get CRUCIAL DATA , FEEDS , Alerts which will help you to run your factory on maximum achievable outputs , Want to know how ?

special purpose machines

SPMs, Special purpose machines are used where standard machines available in market are too Expensive to do the required job at high production rates, We specially design a Machine after understanding the customers need to meet high production rates at affordable prices.


We develop customized software after understanding your requirements like to fetch , show, read data from several communications like RS232, TCPIP etc. These software are applied for data management, Trace-ability of parts being produced, We can offer you software to ease manufacturing processes.